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Rescue Team

     The Owen County Rescue Team (OCRT) was formed to answer the growing need for equipment and expertise in extricating people from mangled automobiles. The Owen County Rescue Team is an all volunteer organization of 30+ dedicated members. These members give up their weekends and evenings to train using the extrication tools and equipment necessary to extricate people from their mangled automobiles. The OCRT is supported by Owen County government with an annual stipend to help offset training and operating costs. All equipment, however, is purchased through donations to The Allen Hall Memorial Fund. The OCRT is open to all interested parties that can meet the minimum standards required. If you would like more information about becoming a member. Send us an email or call 812-829-4446 ext. 202.

Owen County conducts Basic Auto Extrication Class!

      The Owen County Rescue Team conducted a two day 16 hour Basic Auto Extrication class on June 9th and 10th. Students were trained on all types of extrication equipment as well as stabilization techniques, safety procedures, and procedures for disabling air bags that are still armed. Students were also trained on the differences of Hybrid vehicles and the unique problems they present to rescue personnel. Below are some pictures of the class and the students learning with hands on experience. All Students that successfully complete the class will be certified by IDHS in Basic Auto Extrication. OCRT would like to thank Green's Salvage for providing the automobiles that the students trained on.

rescue 2007.png

Learning how to move the vehicle away from the occupants

rescue 2007 0011.png

Occupant safety is of the highest concern

rescue 2007 005.png

The Hurst "Jaws of Life"doing what it does best

rescue 2007 002.png

Students learn how to protect the occupants from the tools and jagged metal

rescue 2007 006.png

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