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     There are times when we are called to help someone who has been injured in the woods. Someone may have fallen from their horse. Someone may have fallen asleep in their tree stand waiting for that 12 point buck of their dreams. Maybe someone was honing their skills on that dirt bike when they hit that tree... the possibilities are endless. When there is no way to get our ambulance to the patient it normally means that the patient will have to be carried out of the woods in a stokes basket. Not the most comfortable way to go but even more concerning is the fact that it is very hard to treat someone while they're being carried like that.And there can be long delays in treating the patient if we have to walk a great distance before locating them. 


     Owen County EMS has just taken delivery of a compact 4 x 4 vehicle similar to "gator" or  a "carryall" that can be used around a farm. We believe that MERV will fill the gap when we have to move a patient long distances over rough, uneven terrain. It will carry all the equipment needed to provide care to a patient and enable us to move the patient safely to the ambulance regardless of their original location. We feel that this new vehicle will improve the quality of care we can provide the patient, especially in rough terrain environments. 

Here's a partial list of the equipment that MERV will be carrying:

  • Lifepak 12 Monitor - Defibrillator
  • Stryker Cot
  • Bandaging, Splinting Supplies and traction splints.
  • Long Spine Board and spinal immobilization devices
  • IV Supplies
  • Oxygen and Oxygen Therapy Equipment
  • First Line Cardiac Drugs

We call our new vehicle "MERV". Which stands for "Medical Emergency Response Vehicle"

      In addition to it's multitude of off road uses; we feel that MERV will also fill the need when we have special events such as the Owen County Fair, Demolition Derbies, Apple Butter Festival, High School Rodeos, OVHS Home Football games and all events that require responding into a crowd of people. The MERVs smaller size and increased manoeuvrability will allow us to get to our patient and begin care more quickly.


Come out to the Owen County Fair to have a closer look at MERV!    

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