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OCRT at your service



     The volunteer members of the Owen County Rescue Team are trained professionals that work with Owen County EMS and the Owen County Sheriff's Department to extricate the occupants of vehicles that have been involved in accidents. They assist with farm equipment related injuries where people are pinned in or under equipment. They are available to help when we have people injured off road with ATV accidents and the like. They help assist in any type of natural disaster from cleaning up debris from sever thunderstorms to getting medications to home bound residents during an ice storm. The only pay they receive is your thanks and the knowledge that they make a difference for the people of Owen County. Here are some pictures of your team at their best.


rescue 2007 008.png

rescue 2007 016.png

rescue 2007 012.png


rescue 2007 014.png

rescue 2007 013.png


rescue 2007 017.png

rescue 2007 011.png


rescue 2007 009.png


rescue 2007 010.png

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