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OCRT Rescue 2!

     The Owen County Rescue Team has purchased a used heavy duty truck to replace the existing rescue vehicle. The vehicle was purchased from the Interstate Battery store on the west side of Bloomington. The truck was setting in their parking lot with a for sale sign on the windshield. When OCRT approached the Manager of Interstate Battery they reduced the asking price when they found out what their truck would be used for!


     One of the biggest advantages to the new Rescue Truck is it's size and ability to carry a larger payload than rescue 1. Now all the equipment that OCRT has can be loaded and stored in the new truck. The old rescue truck could never do that because it was not rated to carry the amount of equipment needed.


     In addition to the full complement to rescue equipment; Rescue 2 can also carry all the rope rescue equipment and supplies.


     Many members of the Owen County Rescue Team have put in countless volunteer hours preparing the new truck for service. The truck is ready to go and should have a long career with the Rescue Team!


      We want to thank all the volunteers of the Owen County Rescue Team for their dedication to the community, the citizens and visitors of Owen County. Few people know the amount of time these dedicated volunteers spend training, attending classes and maintaining the vehicles and equipment of the OCRT, insuring that they are ready to respond at a moment's notice

     We also want to thank the Allen Hall Memorial Fund Board of Directors for their assistance in purchasing the new rescue vehicle!

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