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OCEMS gets a bright idea

     We always try to keep safety in mind whenever we respond to an emergency. We are always concerned that motorists may not be able to see us very well on a dark country road in the middle of the night.

     We think we may have come upon a solution to that concern in the form of our new jackets. These jackets make us very visible day or night. They have reflective stripes to make it even harder for us to be missed if we're on a highway. 

     Here are a few pictures to show you what we mean. We'd like to thank Cris Lunsford for finding the funding to purchase theses jackets for us. And lastly, don't you think we're a photogenic group??

coats 012.png

and for a different perspective; here's what they look like at dusk!

coats 0091.png

and finally here's a shot of them in the dark!

coats 005.png

kind of hard to miss us now, don't you think??

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