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Ardent Sentry


Owen County EMS participates in National Exercise "Ardent Sentry" with Indiana Task Force 7!


     Early in the morning on May 11th., Owen County personnel gathered at Clay County Fairgrounds to get a briefing on their participation in a national level exercise designed to test the response plans of local, county, and state emergency agencies.

     A 10 kiloton nuclear device was detonated at the Finance Center of Fort Harrison in Indianapolis killing thousands of innocent Hoosiers and injuring thousands more. The Indiana and Ohio National guard were mobilized for this exercise as well multiple entities from the Indiana Emergency Operations Center through the individual departments within Task Force 7

     Task Force 7 EMS participants were enlisted from the Agencies within TF7. They included:

    • Sullivan County Ambulance Team (SCAT)
    • Putnam County Operation Life (PCOL)
    • Greene County Ambulance Service
    • Terre Haute Fire Department
    • Owen County EMS (OCEMS)

   OCEMS Director Cris Lunsford was Task Force 7 EMS Command during the exercise. He was responsible for all EMS operations at the task force level and had a total of 15 personnel at his disposal. He was in constant communication with the Task Force 7 Emergency Operations Center.  We were deployed for approximately 36 at the Muscatatuck Urban Training Center in southeastern Indiana. We had a unique opportunity to work with the Armed Forces but civilian organizations from all over the midwest. Needless to say it was a true learning experience for all of us. We appreciated the opportunity to take part. Here are some photos of the Urban Training Center.


Home Sweet Home for Indiana Task Force 7 during our deployment


Indiana Task Force 1 sets up for the exercise


One of  the search dogs that were deployed with Task Force 7


EMS personnel from Owen County taking a break between scenarios


Terre Haute Fire personnel along with their ambulance get direction from EMS Command, Cris Lunsford. WTWO had a reporter and camera man following Task Force 7 during the deployment.


There were times when you had to very friendly moving from one place to another
















The National Guard setting up their equipment and portable buildings.















Blackhawk helicopters shuttle equipment and visiting dignitaries into the MUTC

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