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800 MHz Radios for OCEMS!

     We learned many things as responders from the events of 9/11. One of the hardest lessons we learned is that most emergency responders were unable to speak to one another at ground zero. While emergency responders that usually worked together could speak to each other, the responders that came to Ground Zero found that the radios that they brought with them weren't able to communicate with any of the other agencies! This problem of communications made an already terrible situation much worse.


     The State of Indiana began a mission to eliminate the problems of multiple agencies communicating with one another at the scene of a disaster. Project "Hoosier Safe-T" (Safety Acting for Everyone - Together) was born. The goal;  to develop a radio system that would allow an emergency responder from any part of the state to speak to any other emergency responder anywhere in the state! 800 MHz radios were chosen because of their versatility and ability to "trunk" multiple responders speaking on the same frequency. The system is nearing completion statewide and has been used in many real disaster and training exercises. The consensus of all the agencies using the system is unanimous. The system works better than expected with fewer glitches.

     Owen County EMS personnel were give several 800 MHz radios as part of a grant that EMA Director Jack White received from the state. The picture you see above is an example of the radios in use here in Owen County and across the state. These radios allow us to talk with other agencies anywhere in the state at the touch of a button!

    We were recently informed by EMA Director White that he has received additional grant money from the state and will be purchasing additional portable and mobile radios for OCEMS as well as other agencies in the county.

For Additional information of Project Safe-T follow this link to the State of Indiana website at www.in.gov/ipsc/

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